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Changes to the Weather Maps
  All the weather maps on this web site are drawn with GrADS. The newest version of GrADS has enhanced graphics capabilities, including the use of fonts, pattern filling, anti-aliasing, and semi-transparent colors. The maps have been redesigned to showcase these new features. Some panels have not changed significantly, others look quite different. In a few places, the displayed variables have changed. There are also two new maps on the Analyses page that show current surface temperatures and precipitation over the continental United States. We hope you are pleased with the new look. If you would like to provide feedback, please use the email address at the bottom of this page.
Analyses of Current Conditions
  The state of the atmosphere at the time of model initializiation, updated twice daily, after the 00Z and 12Z runs are in. This page contains links to complete sets of the GFS analysis maps for selected regions worldwide. This page also contains new links to an analysis of surface temperature observations and a radar mosaic for the continental United States.
Weather Forecasts
  This page contains links to complete forecast images from the GFS and NAM models for selected regions worldwide plus simplified precipitation and surface temperature forecasts for North American regions.
Metropolitan Meteograms

The NAM and GFS meteograms show forecast timeseries of a set of meteorological variables for major metropolitan areas in the United States.

Short-Term Climate Outlooks
  This page contains links to the short-term climate outlooks for temperature, precipitation, and soil moisture. Temperature and precipitation outlooks are 0-8 and 9-16 day means plus the anomaly for the first 8 days; the soil moisture outlook is the 8-day change.
Maximum Potential Hurricane Intensity

Worried about getting hit by a tropical storm or hurricane? These maps show the potential minimum central pressure and potential maximum winds for the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans.

Official Disclaimer

COLA and IGES make no guarantees about and bear no responsibility or liability concerning the accuracy or timeliness of the images and data being published on our web servers. All imagess are generated by COLA and do not represent the actual forecasts issued by the National Weather Service. These products are not a substitute for official forecasts and are not guaranteed to be complete or timely. The underlying data are the direct product of the various operational forecast models run by the National Centers for Environmental Prediction, National Weather Service, NOAA and are supplied without interpretation or correction.


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